Trade Show / Expo Services

Expo Equipment Services

Tucson Expo Center offers a full equipment rentals and in house decorator services. We offer a deep inventory of tables (skirted or un-skirted), chairs, showcases, pegboards, pipes and drapes, hard wall booth packages, booth carpeting, LED and track lights. To receive a discounted advance rate, all orders must be received no later than 14 days prior to your first event day.

See Equipment and Services for complete information or contact your event manager to discuss options.

View Equipment Services Form (PDF)

Expo Electrical Services

The Expo Center is equipped with enough power for a full-scale trade show or a simple and convenient 5-amp lay-in to exhibit booths. Electrical services and installation are solely provided by Tucson Expo Center. A current listing of Service Rates is available. Tucson Expo Center can provide electrical service order forms to be included in exhibitor packets.

It is advised that electrical services be reserved 30 days prior to your first event day. To receive a discounted advance rate, all orders must be received no later than 14 days prior to your first event day. Contact your event manager for details.

View Electrical Services Form (PDF)

Expo Telecommunications

Tucson Expo Center can provide a number of telecommunication services to both our clients and exhibitors. Both internet data lines and analog telephone lines can be installed throughout the venue for both clients and exhibitors. Order forms are available per request for inclusion in your exhibitor packets. Wireless Access Points can be installed in all Tucson Expo Center halls and can support numbers of simultaneous users. Please talk to your event representative for options involving activation, pricing, and general protocol for the Wi-Fi network.


Expo Catering & Concessions

Tucson Expo Center is here to serve you. Unique concession fare throughout the facility offers a diversity of affordable optionsfor your patrons.

A wide variety of food and beverage options are available – from the budget conscious to the outside food vendor’s services, gourmet coffee, healthy refreshments, memorable receptions and desserts. Contact your event manager to discuss your needs while making the planning process easy.


Expo Parking Services

The Expo Center can provide over 1000 outside parking spaces to the exhibitors and attendees during the run of the event. All parking lots are conveniently located right next to the entrance of the Exhibit halls.

Special arrangements may be made with licensees for theirattendee’s parking. Contact your event manager to discuss parking options.


Expo Utility Services

For all utility needs other than those items described above, such as water hook-ups, contact your event manager directly. See Labor Rates for current hourly rates for services.


Expo Security

Tucson Expo Center offers experienced security to assist clients in providing a safe, controlled atmosphere for attendees. An Approved Security Providers List is available per licensee’s request. On an event-by-event basis, Tucson Expo Center management may require security staff. Following a consultation with your event manager, contact and directly hire an approved security provider for security coverage during your event. Pricing structures and services vary between providers. Tucson Expo Center event managers will be advised of all reserved security services no later than 30 days prior to the event.

Contact our event managers today so that we can make your trade show vision a reality!

Whether you’re planning a small trade show, or a large event, we’re here to be your event partner!