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JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show Past Event
September 2017
The JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show is among the largest and most attended independent jewelry trade shows in the U.S.A. Wholesale jewelry manufacturers, designers, miners and international gemstone and jewelry dealers gather at the Tucson Expo Center, the site of the JOGS show, twice a year. JOGS Tucson Show is a top destination for gem and jewelry professionals from around the world. Held at the Tucson Expo Center the JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show offers exceptional services, facilities, and the most complete product range found under one roof.

The buyers of the JOGS Tucson Show are representatives of gem and jewelry stores, cruise ships, gift shops, galleries, boutiques, private collectors, Gem TV channels, online stores, department stores, and retail jewelry shops. The buyers are able to buy jewelry, gems and minerals right on the floor as it is delivered; this makes JOGS a cash and carry show.

Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show has been a top destination for gem and jewelry industry professionals for the last 56 years and it is becoming the main trend setter in the jewelry world. In the two week period the city of Tucson turns into an enormous museum dedicated to gems and jewelry.

JOGS Show is well known for its US Largest Amber and Southwestern Jewelry Pavilion (over 600 booths) Indonesian and Nepal Silver Pavilion, International Designer and Silver Pavilion-can't miss this one and The largest US silver pavilion, Pavilion of findings, Mineral Pavilion, Cut Stone Pavilion, Bead dealers, Jewelry making classes and seminars and much, much more!

Some designers display their products exclusively at the Tucson Show-it is the only place you can meet them. If you only attend local shows you are more likely to carry same merchandise as your competition.
Tucson Xpo Center